• IAMM: Antonio Matthews Ministries

Communion - Palm Sunday

Ministry - Mentorship - Motivation

Reaching the Unreachable. Identifying with the Rejected. Speaking Life to the Broken Hearted.

We Serving and Impacting Lives for Christ!


  • Amazing, talented, gifted, enlightening, gifted man that delivers the Word of the Gospel in the purest way. He allows himself to understand the written Word and translate it into spoken Word that is clear and understandable for everyone of all colors, races, and generations.

    Star Roberts
  • Awesome, knowledgeable, gifted, well spoken, uplifting, powerful, encouraging, Pastor!!
    AR Kelly-Stewart
  • Applicable wisdom, integrous, down to earth and anointed. I recommend his page and his ministry to all that may not “do church” but still love God and could use an encouraging word along the way.

    Cha’Rel Wright (The Jingle Lady)

Empowering Moments: 11.28.18

"The Value of 'No, I Can't Make It."

Empowering Moments: 11.27.18

"Intentionally Identify and Remove Jealous Energy"

Empowering Moments: 11.26.18

"Analyzing vs. Overthinking"


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